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Designer lego brick electric radiator Brick made in Italy Scirocco H

  • Made in Italy
£ 1579,48
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Measures L. 324 mm, H. 1608 mm, Center distance 50 mm; Electric heater 680 Watt
Designer Marco Baxadonne
Delivery time 20 working days
Warranty 2 years
Designer lego brick electric radiator Brick made in Italy by Scirocco H
A project inspired by an affective image shared by everyone. Multiple combinations of colours for the development of modular elements, both horizontally and vertically. Like a construction game, the elements combine, joining, depending on the available space and the required thermal perfomance.

- Heating core formed by a battery in aluminum sheeting and outgoing and return tubes in copper 
- Cover in pre-formed steel sheeting

This product includes
- Heating battery
- Cover 
- Wall brackets
- In the modular components version it is supplied with connection kit
- supplied with cable and Schuko plug

Brick is available in different colours. View the colour chart and enter the code of the desired colour in the appropriate box.

The installation of Brick for compositions B, C, D and F is prohibited in column type central heating systems ( e.g. apartment bloc) where the calibration and balancing of the other terminals fitted in the same standpipe cannote be carried out.

The transparent hanger is not included. If you want it, ask us a quotation and write an email to
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