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Electric radiator Brian with picture, modern design

  • Made in Italy
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Designer Alessandro Tesolin & Dario Scattone
Delivery time 4/5 weeks

Personalized electric radiator with Brian design photos

Brian is an electric radiator with a unique design, with elegant and refined lines, in line with the trends of the moment.
It combines form, style, design, functionality and technology, entirely produced in Italy. Its uniqueness depends on your will, that is, on the photo you most want to impress on it. Made entirely of unbreakable tempered glass, it is therefore a 100% recyclable product, reducing the environmental impact to zero. Brian contains between his two sheets of tempered glass, 4 + 4 mm thick, the resistance and your photo, so as to avoid any damage to the image. Thanks to its sinuous, clean and essential design, and the photo you have chosen, Brian is adaptable to any type of environment and to any style, starting from classic to modern.
This electric radiator features the most advanced technology, which allows the product itself to understand the most correct way to heat the environment, avoiding waste of energy , keeping the surface temperature of the product to a minimum and automatically locking itself in the face of sudden changes. temperature inside the room. In addition, this radiator is complete with a latest generation TOUCH SCREEN control system which allows, in combination with the remote control with LCD display, to optimize performance. The daily and weekly programmable thermostat allows you to program the switching on and off for flexible heating and as suitable as possible to the needs of the end user. Furthermore, the three preset temperature modes allow you to select the most suitable heating mode for the situation based on the size of the room and the temperature you want, avoiding energy waste.
This product is equipped with a heating system that allows you to heat the environment mainly by radiation, this allows you to directly heat the elements present in the room which in turn reintroduce their heat into the environment. This procedure allows to have a comfortable ambient temperature with an air temperature that is much lower than traditional systems, and one degree less of the air temperature corresponds to a saving of at least 7% of energy consumption.
Consisting of a double tempered glass, which guarantees, in case of breakage, safety performance at level 1 B1 according to European standard UNI 12600. The construction thus formed also guarantees a level of insulation of the electronics in class 2 and an IP protection level. 55 thus guaranteeing maximum safety even in humid environments, such as bathrooms, swimming pools, saunas, etc.
Brian is available in different sizes. Bring a touch of design, functionality and technology into your home and choose the model and photo that suits you best!
To receive the hanger or the towel rail, request a quote from:

You can customize your Brian radiator with images and photos of your choice, for information write to:

PLEASE NOTE: Valves and lockshield excluded.
When ordering, it is necessary to specify the type of plug required.

Product includes:
- Decorative radiator (distance from the wall 45 mm)
- Standard remote control included

Safety Devices:
- In case of overheating of the plate, the electrical board immediately sends the radiator to stand-by position, in which case the action of the board is not enough, the device is equipped with a double safety sensor which records the surface temperature by sending it immediately en bloc.
- The radiator is also equipped with the function of setting the room temperature , correlated to the setting of the surface temperature, thus allowing in the presence of children to increase the safety of the device by avoiding high plate temperatures but at the same time reaching the temperature desired within the environment.
- Equipped with an Antifreeze function , which allows you to set the minimum room temperature below which the device will operate.

Advanced Energy Saving Features:
- The daily and weekly programming of the ambient temperatures
- The "open window" function which allows the radiator to feel a sudden drop in the room temperature (for example when cleaning the house) and consequently switch off for 30 minutes.
- The presence function which by means of a presence sensor lowers the temperature of the radiator if no one is present in the room
- For radiators intended for the French state, these products have an additional function called "Fil Pilote"

Product features:
1- Durability : Radiator made and designed entirely in Italy, boasts the construction with materials of the highest quality. Made almost entirely of tempered glass, and a central resistance enclosed between the two layers of glass, it has a very high resistance to corrosive agents, guaranteeing its maximum invariability and thus allowing its installation in saline environments, environments with high humidity or in the presence of chlorine. The chromatic finishes available for this radiator are set with a cooking process at 600 degrees, guaranteeing its resistance and chromatic invariability with the passage of time.
2- Healthiness : This electric radiator heats the environment by irradiation of the heating bodies, avoiding the creation of convective motions, eliminating the lifting of dust particles, pollen or other allergenic elements present inside the closed environment. This system emits long-wave infrared rays very similar to the rays emitted by the sun , which are perceived by the human body, creating a condition of well-being. As it does not have hidden surfaces, this radiator has a high level of cleanability, allowing it to be installed in environments that require high hygienic and sanitary performance such as public places and hospitals.
3- Flexibility : This radiator can be mounted both horizontally and vertically, for maximum adaptability to the needs of each individual environment.
4- Safety : Being built in tempered glass, it boasts the highest certification for safety glass. The construction inserts an adhesive plastic film that allows the glass to obtain the European B1 certification with performances equal to those of a shatterproof laminated glass. The specially designed brackets prevent, once the product has been installed, inadvertent release, in accordance with the German safety regulations for radiators. This electric radiator also allows you to select a low surface temperature (50 ° C) in order to avoid contact with excessively high surfaces for children or the elderly who may touch them or inadvertently lean on them.
5- Design : Compared to traditional heating elements, this radiator boasts a limited overall dimensions, as it reduces the thickness of the plate to a minimum, reaching a maximum encumbrance of 6 cm from the wall.
6- Ease of installation: Brian only needs to fix the brackets to the wall.
7- Eco- sustainability: The Viadurini Design Radiators collection takes the environment in which we live in high consideration, in fact all the components used are carefully selected for their eco-compatibility and recyclability characteristics. Thanks to the application of innovative technologies, all the products have a high technical and aesthetic resistance, thus guaranteeing a long product life. Easy to disassemble products, they significantly reduce the environmental impact of the product in its disposal phase. This version of electric radiator incorporates advanced energy saving functions, it is also optimized to work with photovoltaic systems, heat pumps, boilers and condensing units and other renewable energy systems.
8- Energy saving: This product is equipped with a heating system that allows you to heat the environment mainly by radiation, this allows you to directly heat the elements present in the room which in turn reintroduce their heat into the environment. This process allows for a comfortable ambient temperature with an air temperature that is much lower than traditional systems, and one degree less of the air temperature corresponds to a saving of at least 7% of energy consumption.
9- Controls : This electric radiator has incorporated a latest generation touch screen control card and a remote control with LCD display to allow the best possible adaptation to the needs of the individual environment and user.

IMPORTANT: Radiator equipped with easy assembly, it is important to follow all the steps in the instructions. Remember to completely block the upper supports and leave the lower ones slightly loose, in order to allow the glass to settle at any temperature.

The Viadurini Design Radiators collection pays special attention to the needs of energy saving and the value of eco-sustainability. The products of its line combine the best existing technologies with the design, style and modern trends of the moment. This collection gives life to products that are efficient, fast and reactive in responding to requests for changes in ambient temperature. The Viadurini Design Radiators collection brings high quality products, entirely made in Italy, built with top quality materials that guarantee their high durability over time and their high safety. "
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