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Fruit or Ice Cream Cups in Colored Eco Crystal 13 Pieces - Amalgam

  • Made in Italy
  • Eco Design
  • Code: AMALGAMA6
£ 182,18 £ 202,43 -10%
Material ecological crystal
Delivery time 10-20 working days
Lenght (cm) cups 13.5 - cup 24.5
Depth (cm) cups 13.5 - cup 24.5
Height (cm) cups 7.1 - cup 13.1

Dessert or fruit cup service in transparent or colored eco crystal, 13 pieces made in Italy.

The service consists of:
  • 1 large transparent bowl: diameter 24.5 xh 13.1 cm
  • 12 colored or transparent bowls: diameter 13.5 xh 7.1 cm
This dessert bowl service features a versatile design inspired by Leonardo da Vinci's concept of the Vitruvian man that merges the circle of the mouth with the square of the base.

The result is a modern style with an essential and particular line, which sets the table elegant and luxurious in a contemporary key.
Every detail is taken care of to make the product resistant and ideal for every moment of the day, which is why the bowls are available in two different finishes: transparent or colored.
A drop of color on the bottom gives rise to a brilliance that floods the entire product, bringing joy and vivacity to the mise en place.
Scratch resistant and dishwasher safe.

The strong point of these glasses consists of the material they are made of: eco-crystal glass, the first innovative ecological crystal, ultra-clear and dishwasher safe, which has the same characteristics of transparency, brilliance and sound typical of crystal. .
It is a 100% recyclable ultraclear superior sonic glass that is produced in total respect for the environment , through the use of electric ovens and renewable clean energy, for a total of zero emissions into the atmosphere.

The strengths of the industrial ecological crystal:
  • Transparency : the most transparent of the crystal glasses
  • Brilliance : a unique brilliance given by the purest raw materials
  • Resistance : extraordinarily resistant to breakage, each product undergoes 7 quality tests
  • Dishwasher safe : tested for over 4000 uses in professional dishwashers
  • Sonority : pure and vibrant sounds, like the best crystal
  • Ecological : 100% recyclable, produced with respect for the environment
The result is a high quality made in Italy product , to fully experience quality and beauty at the table.
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