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Hand-Woven Design Rug in Wool and Cotton for Living Room - Copper

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£ 1303,31 £ 1448,13 -10%
Material 80% wool, 20% cotton
Delivery time 15 days product available in stock, 8/10 weeks product not available

Modern hand-knotted rectangular rug in wool and cotton.

The rug is undoubtedly the perfect piece of furniture to give character and personality to a room and can be used to fill a space or more simply to transform an environment making it more comfortable and creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere managing to combine in itself beauty, design and functionality. Precisely for this reason it is necessary that the choice be made carefully taking into account elements such as materials, sizes, colors and proportions.

This rug is characterized by an elegant and modern design in shades of ivory and gray   making it perfect for contemporary style living rooms, living rooms, kitchens or bedrooms that require character and color. Made of bamboo silk and wool and hand knotted by expert weavers who make up to 10,000 knots per day. The technique used is undoubtedly the most intricate and complex and the high intensity of the knots together with the long production times mean that the quality of the carpet is extremely high. The wonderful combination of the colors and the materials used make it possible to obtain a high quality final product with a great visual impact that transforms the appearance of a room, managing to give it liveliness and personality.

Composition : 80% wool 20% cotton.

Available sizes:
  • L 170 x P 240 cm;
  • L 200 x P 300 cm.
Maintenance and cleaning : it is recommended to use a vacuum cleaner in the first few weeks to remove the excess hair typical of new carpets. In case of stains, use absorbent paper to dry them and, once the stain has dried, water and neutral soap to remove it. Avoid scrubbing the surface as it may cause carpet erosion.
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