Made in Italy

Luxury Design White Porcelain Oval Serving Plate - Arcimaesta

  • Made in Italy
£ 166,92 £ 208,65 -20%
Material porcelain
Color White
Delivery time 4-8 working weeks
Lenght (cm) 31
Depth (cm) 24
Height (cm) 4-5

White porcelain oval serving plate, luxury design unique piece handmade in Italy.

Made of the finest white porcelain , this serving dish gives elegance and refinement to the table, for luxurious setting in company.

Obtained through the casting technique, which allows to obtain very thin surfaces in order to emphasize the properties of the porcelain and its translucency, it is then glazed with transparent crystalline inside and carefully polished outside, evoking the sensuality and simplicity of beauty of porcelain, without sacrificing its practicality.

What characterizes this plate making it unique is the organic and natural design, which leaves freedom of expression to the material: we thus find a crooked edge rather than a movement given by the deformation of the clay during cooking that become characteristic and valuable elements of the product .

Porcelain is an extremely resistant material that is fired at a temperature higher than that of traditional ceramic, so it is more robust and durable, highly resistant to stains and waterproof, thanks to its greater density, hardness and uniformity. Its peculiarities are guaranteed by the double firing up to 1240 °, after which the very translucent porcelain takes on a precious warm white color.

Indicative dimensions:

  • 31 x 24 x height 4-5 cm

Technical features:

  • White porcelain for food use
  • Suitable for microwave and oven and dishwasher safe, but hand washing is recommended to ensure a long life
  • Handmade in Italy

NB: each item is a unique piece made by hand, therefore it may have small differences from the photographs and the dimensions may vary slightly.

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