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Stressless | Armchairs for Comfort and Relax - Incomparable

Stressless is the number one manufacturer in the field of relaxing and office chairs

Stressless is the brand representing the absolute comfort of sitting all over the world. His armchairs are handcrafted according to precise techniques and by using high quality materials ; all this to make sitting on any of its products unparalleled and unique.
"Our promise is to make the most comfortable furniture in the world. We supply quality, in all materials, from the heart to the skin. Scandinavian design is the fruit of the work of our ancestors, who have handed it down to us."

The word to the producer: Our engineers develop complex processes to ensure the safety of our employees and our land. We use intensive processes, such as the degreasing of closed circuit steel, to build metal bases, which allows us to avoid producing harmful emissions in the air and in the fjords. We implement new practices and processes to protect the health of our employees and clean our waters.

Ecological materials are searched for and purchased and water-based paints and lacquers are selected. Only the highest quality materials are used . Our goal is to build a product with the minimum ecological footprint that will last for decades. Our daily efforts are what make Ekornes products quality items. We offer you furniture that lasts over time , so you too can contribute to the planet.