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Versace Medusa Collection for Home Authorized Dealer - Viadurini

Rosenthal meets Versace: The first porcelain service of Versace
Versace and Rosenthal are both synonymous with excellence and high quality. Rosenthal owes its worldwide fame to its ability to always combine tradition and innovation , while Versace is known worldwide for its unique and luxurious glamor. From the collaboration between these prestigious companies, one of the first services of the " Rosenthal meets Versace " collection is born: the " Medusa " service by Gianni Versace belonging to the "Ikarus" collection that reflects the Versace's inimitable world of richness and colors.
Key point of this collection is a sumptuous head of golden jellyfish, the unmistakable sign of recognition Versace, surrounded by expressive baroque decorations. The jellyfish head is present - in the center - on all the cups and all the jugs, as well as on all the large and small dishes of the "Medusa" collection. True aristocratic colors - bright red, elegant gold and black - and intricate filigree designs and ornaments give the jellyfish head a frame of lavish colors of unprecedented elegance. The "Medusa" collection includes a complete table service and a coffee service as well as many accessories. Large breakfast cups for cappuccino and latte coffee, soup plates and bowls are part of the collection just as precious gift accessories very personal as the napkin ring, candle holder, vases and an elegant smoking set. Both the " Medusa Lumière " and " Méandre " glass collections and the " Medusa Gold " cutlery collection complete the elegant colored table in the unique style of the Versace world.

Through the decorations made of symbols, ancient elements and references to mythology, various imaginary scenarios are evoked. Versace   manages to create fantastic worlds that are as luxurious as ever, using Rosenthal porcelain , crystal and cutlery with a quality that meets the highest expectations. In every single product precious materials are processed in the most masterful of ways. Versace always manages to create a bridge between the past and the ultramodern, thus creating timeless motifs and in all respects in step with the times. The harmony of these motifs is perfectly identifiable in the articles created in collaboration with Rosenthal.