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Viadurini by Fontani the Made in Italy of Knives and Blades of Master Craftsmen

Italian knives and blades created by professionals for kitchens and shops all over the world!

Viadurini found the Fontani family in the village of Scarperia, who have been caring for the production of blades and knives with extreme elegance and skill. 

Viadurini by Fontani is a careful selection of knives of extraordinary value and workmanship, playing on innovative designs that guarantee maximum ergonomics and enchanting elegance , our products will satisfy you whatever their final use.
The result is a knife that tells a story, a place and a culture for which it was designed and built!
The knives we offer are divided into some types:
  • The regional knives have been part of the production of the village of Scarperia for centuries. Fontani makes each regional knife by hand, respecting the tradition and the characteristics that determine its use and the link with the territory. The regional knives, characteristic of each capital of the Italian peninsula, reveal a reality of past uses and habits.
  • The kitchen knives are tools closely related to the uses and customs of the area, each place has a culinary tradition that requires a specific type of blade.
  • The historic knives are meticulous and faithful reproductions of ancient knives, with attention to the smallest details. They are performed by Fontani following the ancient and traditional processing methods, thus guaranteeing a perfect execution.
  • The old-fashioned freehand razor , made entirely by hand, is undoubtedly a fascinating object: the design, the resistance, the ergonomics guarantee an exceptional tool for a perfect shave! There are no other types of blades whose sharpness is comparable to that of a razor. The variety of materials and models will surprise you.