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5 Elements Luxury Complete Bedroom Made in Italy - Adige

  • Made in Italy
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Material Wood
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Complete bedroom in modern style made in Italy, high quality.

Bedroom furniture consisting of 5 elements entirely made in Italy . The composition includes a double bed in charcoal-stained wood with bed frame upholstered in fabric matching the two cushions covering the headboard, two-drawer nightstand in charcoal-stained wood, long chest of drawers / nightstand in matt clay lacquer, tall chest of drawers (composed of 5 elements modular) and chest of drawers with 6 drawers (made up of 6 modular elements) in charcoal stained wood and clay matt lacquered. From the careful analysis of different shapes, volumes and sizes, a fresh and young environment is born, characterized by a soft and comfortable bed that ensures a quality rest . Its aesthetics is combined with the other elements of the composition for a refined harmony of styles and shades of color that lighten the night environment while also offering the possibility to customize the furnishing solutions thanks to a modular system that allows you to adapt the space to each need and to give free rein to their creativity and personal taste.

The composition of the chamber includes "Dimensions and Number of pieces" :
  • 1x bed (slatted base and mattress not included) : L 170 x W 221 x H 90.5 cm (slatted base 160 x 200 cm);
  • 1x bedside table : L 45 x P 49 x H 38 cm;
  • 1x long chest of drawers / bedside table : W 120 x D 49 x H 18.4 cm;
  • 1x 6-drawer high chest of drawers (consisting of 5 modular elements): 2x L 60 x D 49 x H 19.6 cm / 1x L 60 x D 49 x H 38 cm / 1x L 120 x D 49 x H 19.6 cm / 1x L 135 x P 49 x H 19.6 cm;
  • 1x chest of drawers with 6 drawers (consisting of 6 modular elements): 2x L 90 x D 49 x H 19.6 cm / 2x L 120 x D 49 x H 19.6 cm / 1x L 90 x D 49 x H 38 cm / 1x L 120 x P 49 x H 38 cm.
It is a furnishing idea created on the basis of artisan values , to achieve the excellence and high quality typical of Made in Italy , where innovative ideas and culture are intertwined in favor of the optimization of processes and attention to detail. This is how functional and refined furniture for the sleeping area is born.

NB : each element is part of a modular and modular system to create tailor-made solutions. Discover the wide range of colors and finishes and special processes available to meet every need.
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