Essence Japandi: Where Design Meets Serenity

The Japandi- Style furniture the perfect combination of Scandinavian functional simplicity and Japanese minimalist elegance. This style stands out for its less-is-more approach, emphasising quality over quantity and the choice of natural, handcrafted materials, a principle also dear to Made in Italy and Viadurini.

Among interior designers, the characteristics of the Japandi style have become more defined in recent years. Here you can find a little guide to help you choose the best furniture accessories.

Colors and Materials

Wood, in its naturalness, both in light and dark shades, plays a key role, accompanied by fabrics such as linen and cotton, which offer a feeling of freshness and comfort. These elements are chosen for their ability to create relaxing corners in the home that make the most of spring light. The colour palette is based on natural colours, with a touch of warm colours such as cream, beige and ochre, as well as touches of green and blue in their dustier variations.

Furniture and Decorations.

Furniture is characterised by its low height, simple lines and the use of natural materials. The concept of 'less is more' also extends to accessories, with a preference for indoor plants that add a touch of liveliness. The absence of visual clutter is key, with a preference for storage solutions that hide objects from view, keeping the environment tidy and serene.

Life Philosophy and Life Style

Beyond the aesthetic aspect, the Japandi style reflects a life philosophy based on serenity, order and harmony with nature. This translates into an environment that promotes well-being and tranquillity, enhancing open and bright spaces. Each piece of furniture has a specific purpose without overdoing superfluous decoration. The minimalist design emphasises clean lines and a neutral colour palette, with occasional touches of black to add depth.

The Japandi approach, with its emphasis on clean design, natural materials and a warm, cozy atmosphere, aligns perfectly with those who are looking for values approaching a functional lifestyle. The quality of Made in Italy and craftsmanship can be beautifully integrated into this style through the selection of furniture and decorations that reflect excellence and attention to detail. For those seeking a comfortable and functional living atmosphere, enriched by beauty and practicality, Japandi is an ideal style choice.

Viadurini recommends: For a perfect Japandi-style living room, visit our section dedicated to sofas and let yourself be inspired by the softness of the fabrics and the sinuous, enveloping lines of the shapes.

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