Guide to Recreate a French Atmosphere with Shabby Chic and Provençal Styles

The shabby chic and Provençal style are both widely used by those who love the atmosphere of the South of France to recreate elegant and pastoral environments. Soft and delicate colours, floral scents reminiscent of lavender fields and wooden accessories with a worn-out look are among the main elements that represent these styles. If you love nature, flowery fields and country atmospheres, this is a useful guide for discovering and choosing which of these two styles is more suitable for furnishing your home.

Shabby Chic: Elegance with an antique effect

The name shabby chic literally means " scruffy elegant ". In fact, this style has the characteristic of being cared in every smallest detail despite the apparent neglected effect that the antiqued wooden elements transmit to the observer.
It was born in Great Britain  and draws its inspiration from the  ancient country villas  that were furnished with imposing chandeliers, soft velvet curtains and sumptuous sofas, to then evolve and become  a unique and original design  also appreciated in other European countries, especially in France.
The term “ shabby chic ” appears for the first time  on aBritish design magazine in 1980. In Italy, on the other hand, we only started talking about this style from the end of the 80s, when the fashion of recovering old furniture to give them a new and fresher appearance began to establish itself. 

Key principles of the Shabby Chic Style

The essential elements to take into consideration to recreate a house in this style are: the use of the colour white, the materials of the furnishings and the choice of more natural fabrics for the linen in the house. One of the most used colors in shabby chic style furnishings is opaque white , often " ruined " or "dirty" to obtain an antiqued and lived-in effect on the furniture. As far as materials are concerned, wood is preferred in its lighter shades and with an antique effect. The naturalness of wood  with its particular veining it carries with it a story that is given a new life thanks to this style. Finally, when choosing tablecloths, sheets and curtains, raw  and natural fabrics such as linen and cotton are preferred in their lighter shades such as white and beige.

Viadurini recommends: it is essential to always add a  personal touch to  enrich the rooms of your home with memories and objects that tell your story.


Provençal style: Refined and Floral

The Provençal style was born in the French region of Provence, where we find fragrant lavender fields, turquoise lakes and emerald rivers. These landscapes contribute to the creation of this style and to define its main elements that recall romantic, elegant atmospheres with a vintage flavor. Provençal furniture is a perfect balance between  shabby chic and country style , characterized by classic furnishings such as consoles and wooden tables with a lived-in effect.
The must-haves of Provençal design are: the choice of the right materials for the furnishings, the use of light coloursand the presence of essential furnishing accessories for a Provençal home.
The most used materials in this style are wrought iron for the bed frame, perfect wood for the furnishings of the living area , ceramic for the lamps  and cast iron for an elegant freestanding bathtub. The Provençal style colour palette recalls soft and pastel colors such as  lavender and all shades of purple and  lilac.
Finally, as regards the essential furniture in a house furnished in this style,  Viadurini offers functional ones
 sideboards in recycled wood recovered from old boats disused buildings perfect for giving a Provençal and lived-in touch to your living room. In the sleeping area, wood remains the protagonist together with wrought iron with bedside tables, chests of drawers and sideboards made with apickled to enhance the aging of the wood and its grain.

Viadurini recommends: to recall the atmosphere of the Provence region it is important to insert vases with fresh flowers or fragrant lavender plantsthat recall the floral decorations of the furnishings. For a refined final touch, enrich your table with French porcelain hand painted.

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