Industrial Style: Inspired by the 1950s to Decorate Contract or Private Spaces

The industrial style is one of the most widely used in the world of furniture, and this allows interior designers to design homes with wide spaces and high ceilings, rough walls, exposed bricks and furniture made mainly from materials such as wood and iron. 

History and Origin of the Industrial Style

Born in 1950s New York, from the recovery and reuse of forgotten spaces that had previously served as offices, factories, industries. These spaces were recovered and modernised to be transformed into houses and flats. American films and TV shows, together with Pop Art, contributed to the notoriety of this style, which thus began to spread in the large metropolises and reached all European cities.

3 Tips for Perfect Industrial Furnishing

The decision to furnish in this style starts with the choice of living space: lofts or open-plan flats are preferred, as they have large rooms that perfectly imitate authentic industrial spaces.

Balancing Lines

Lines are characterised by being sober, essential and clear-cut. In fact, furniture tends to be made with a simple and essential design that emphasises its functionality. The main risk is to create a cold and not at all welcoming environment.

Our suggestion is to choose a large but not dispersive space that can accommodate furnishings that have a perfect balance between the clean lines of iron and the uniqueness of wood.

Giving the Setting a History

In the industrial style, the main difficulty lies in finding the perfect balance between the care of the environment and the worn style, typical of industrial furniture. 

In this style, it is essential to respect the history of the space and therefore to integrate the elements that compose it into the interior design of the house. An example of this are exposed pipes, beams and  bricks placed inside those lofts converted from old factories.

Essential furniture

Since these are large and bright spaces, it is right to enhance them. For this reason, when furnishing a home in this style it is essential to select essential and impactful furnishing accessories. Sturdy furniture with simple, clean geometries and reclaimed furnishings, such as vintage ones found in antique markets.


Viadurini's Industrial Style Proposals

Viadurini in its collections has selected some furnishings that are perfect for decorating your home with industrial style. As for lighting in the Viadurini Lighting brand you will find pendant lamps made of long-lasting materials by expert craftsmen, coloured ceramic and iron wall light and ceiling lights that combine functionality and beauty. These are unique and original pieces that combine traditional Italian craftsmanship with quality materials.

Viadurini recommends: Viadurini's advice for creating a perfect industrial atmosphere is to use rough materials that fully express the charm of simplicity such as a resin or cement floor and details made of metal, wood.



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