The Garden of Viadurini - Guide to Outdoor Furniture

Furnish a garden or a balcony thanks to the advice and ideas of Viadurini

With the arrival of summer, all those who have an outdoor space, whether it is a small or large garden or simply a terrace, begin to think about how to furnish or make these spaces more comfortable and unique.

Viadurini offers its expertise in the furniture sector and its vast catalog to facilitate your choice and the ideas that you will incur if you want to try your hand at this wonderful experience.

In this guide, you'll find out how to seamlessly navigate our many categories, find the right product that is right for you and finally if you want you can even communicate directly with one of our experts to be followed in all respects ... Viadurini leaves nothing to chance.

But back to us! 

The garden is a fundamental element of the house but it is often neglected and does not receive adequate maintenance. Often a lot of importance is given to the design of the green of the garden while everything that concerns with its furniture is not of great importance and it is so easy to come across outdoor areas furnished in an uneven and without logic.
As for the rest of the house, they are enougha few simple rules and a bit of good taste to make it a fundamental part of our living environment. In doing so, it will be very simple to create a corner of relaxation and conviviality that can be used for most of the year, where to receive friends and prepare appetizing banquets or where to spend our time in a sought after and welcome solitude from external chaos.

Obviously not all gardens are the same, but the dimensions are not a limiting factor in the furnishing of our outdoor green area and it is in fact possible to obtain a very pleasant area even in the most modest spaces.
Clearly, a necessary requirement for outdoor furniture it is not only the beauty, but above all its ability to withstand any type of weather: for this reason, we tend to use furnishings in iron or polyrattan, a synthetic technological material that is waterproof and resistant to sunlight and atmospheric agents.
However, if you are a lover of wood, know that there are specific essences and treatments that allow us to use this material even outside. 

Now let's focus on the products, below you will find a simple and intuitive guide to find exactly the product you are looking for.
Viadurini has an entire section of its E-Commerce dedicated to the sale of outdoor and garden productsor and below you can understand how to find the product you were looking for among styles, materials, filters, variants and qualities, you will have a world of combinations that will surely satisfy your taste.

Outdoor chairs, armchairs, stools and benches

In these four categories you will find the key element of outdoor furniture. A garden or terrace cannot be defined as furnished if there are at least some chairs and stools or armchairs.
Divided mainly by material such as: wood, metal, rattan, plastic and fabric with each of them its nuances you will immediately notice the numerous and various styles offered.
Modern, design, classic, vintage, shabby chic and industrial chairs, stools and armchairs.

Click here to view the outdoor chairs.
Click here to view the garden armchairs.
Click here to view the outdoor stools.
Click here to view the garden benches.

Garden Tables and Coffee Tables

After the sessions, tables that are high or low, small or large are the next step to make the environment welcoming and practical.
If choosing one or the other is all in your idea of ​​environment, if you want something that is closer to the interior design and the feeling or style of the interior of your home, a classic extendable or fixed table, they certainly do to your case... or if you think that the outside should be experienced between aperitifs and chat, a low table can exactly recreate the atmosphere of a pub / bar.

Viadurini has selected the best of this type for you, by also dividing them by material, you can filter the various categories with the practical measurement filter so as to immediately identify a group of products suited to your needs. Here too, the styles are varied and for all tastes, all that remains is to choose the material you prefer to exhibit.

Click here to view the outdoor tables.
Click here to view the garden coffee tables.

Garden Sofas and Chaise-Longue

Now is the time to think about comfort, replaceable with chairs or armchairs but also a very pleasant addition for those who only have space, outdoor sofas or chaise - longues are exactly what you were looking for.
You can indulge yourself with many shapes, styles and materials, all perfectly filterable from the single category.

Click here to view the outdoor sofas.
Click here to view the chaise longue.

Outdoor lounges

A category that could solve the above in an easy and intuitive way, you will see combinations and sets already assembled and ready to be purchased, ideal for all types of spaces and for all tastes.
If you don't have the time or ideas this could be a good place to start.

Click here to view the garden lounges.

Outdoor kitchens and barbecues

Someone said: Are you ready at the table?
We don't stop only at design but we go further, we at Viadurini choose only the best and we want to make your living spaces unique, and what's better than a kitchen on wheels or a barbecue to make the most of your garden.
Cooking has always been one of the best activities to do outdoors, cooking meat, fish and vegetables can be an experience that will allow you to be shared with friends and relatives.

Click here to view the BBQ barbecues.
Click here to view the outdoor kitchens.

Bright furnishings - Outdoor lighting

A garden or a terrace like any home space needs appropriate lighting, here the proposals are as varied as the tastes of the individual people, from simple but always fashionable wall lamps or floor lamps and spotlights to the most innovative design with authentic furniture that lights up combining style and utility.

Click here to view the bright furnishings.
Click here to view the outdoor lighting.

Outdoor umbrellas

Whether you are a local or simply a private individual, you can only agree on the factor that the sun, especially on the most intense summer days, can be a real enemy to protect yourself from.
In this section you will find many ideas and solutions to protect yourself from the sun in your garden.

Click here to view the outdoor umbrellas.

Finally, below we offer you some various garden ideas such as swings, poufs and outdoor showers that can complete and enrich your furnishing project.

Click here to view the outdoor showers.
Click here to view the garden ideas.
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