Marble Powder Radiator the New Trend of Sustainable Heating

The new frontier of heating with the 100% Green Made in Italy marble radiator

Viadurini takes care of people by spreading healthy warmth in the environments in which they live, with the creativity and commitment that has always distinguished 100% Made in Italy products.

Marble changes its appearance, different textures and shapes with an Italian design furnish your spaces, warm the rooms with an eye for sustainability, thanks to the use of waste marble dust.

A collection of radiators and heated towel rails that respond to every style, need and size by combining technology and attention to detail.

Heating and eco-sustainability: one eye on the future and one on the present

Made in Italy combines with the logic of the circular economy to give life to the first line of zero impact design radiators.

A 100% recyclable product: the marble powder radiant panels derive from patented production processes and are completely recyclable. At the end of its life, after having separated the marble from the other elements, they are 100% crushed and recycled, in the form of powders, in various fields and applications. In this sense it acts by creating circular flows of matter, thus capable of regenerating itself. Furthermore, since all production processes are carried out at low temperatures, the quantities of energy used are minimal.
This process makes it possible to create shapes with a completely innovative design both for their aesthetic appearance and for their extreme adaptability to be customized.

5 reasons to choose the marble powder radiator

Comfort and quality of life are the goal of our passion and continuous innovation, aimed at the use of recycled materials with new and technological production processes where architectural planning, design and respect for the environment are indissoluble values. Only a responsible vision and conduct will allow us to preserve the future of the next generations.

1 - Italian Design:  we offer a modern and customizable design thanks to collaborations with designers and architects.

2 - Zero Energy: we create a "zero impact" hand-made product thanks to the use of recycled marble powders and water-based binders and the planting of a tree for each panel sold.

3 - Well-being: we guarantee living well-being thanks to the diffusion of heat by radiation, distributing it evenly throughout the house and limiting the circulation of dust and bacteria.

4 - Energy Saving: the panels are made to be used also with renewable energies. Easy to use and set up.

5 - Simplicity of application and installation: we make life easier for partners thanks to a simple and fast application and installation system, designed for any type of environment because they are characterized by a high degree of strength and resistance to humidity, with protection IPX4, and because they are totally free of emissions of any kind.

Available in three versions: electric, where the power supply is obtained by connecting the plug to the socket of the electrical system; hydraulic in which the radiant element is connected to the system with the two collectors and hybrid where the two systems are joined.

A sustainable and patented radiant technology

The radiators work with the so-called "stone effect", which allows the rapid accumulation of heat and then releases it "gently", through the inertia of the material of which it is composed. Temperature sensors, placed inside the agglomerate, check the correct distribution of heat and ensure the best conditions for producing radiation.

The radiators, radiant panels in marble powder act with zero emissions, guaranteeing healthiness and well-being with their heat.

6 different styles of radiators to satisfy every need and taste

Lines - Linearity and simplicity of shapes: the range is characterized by the linearity and simplicity of the shapes enhanced by the purity of the chosen color. It is made in six different sizes with a smooth surface finish.

Terraa - The charm of stone: the rustic that fits perfectly into a modern decor. Dedicated to those who want to feel good about themselves and live their relationship with the environment more naturally.

Texturee - A texture that enhances the texture of the fabric: a charm of times gone by, a unique texture that reproduces the elegant, warm and sinuous texture of the slightly rustic but elegant fabric, suitable for any environment from the most modern to the most classic.

Naturae - The essence of naturalness:this element of the highest design represents the stem of the ginko tree and, like the essence that inspires it, represents its great naturalness and eco-compatibility. The vertical and slender shape is perfect both in a large room and in smaller rooms such as the bathroom.

Stilee - The meeting between lines and geometries: a line made of curves that wink at the classic shapes of the heating elements, but revisited and redesigned in a modern way. A clean design to which the characteristic material that gives an effect of lightness suitable for any room in your home.

Wood50 - Wood with natural grain:this radiator brings wood to life with natural colors and veins. It comes in a collection also proposing new textures, through a process halfway between industry and tailoring. The Wood50 collection is a unique and original story in which different atmospheres coexist: suggestive and tactile in the reproductions of wood, innovative and dynamic in the patterns. Five finishes inspired by the nature that surrounds us to give warmth to your spaces.

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