Made in Italy

Circular suspension washbasin in Luxolid made in Italy, Ruffano

  • Made in Italy
  • Code: RUFFANO3
£ 1352,29 £ 1502,54 -10%
Material Solid Surface-Luxolid
Delivery time 25 working days
Circular suspended sink in Luxolid produced in Italy, Ruffano
Ruffano is an integrated system composed of a monolithic material top that integrates the circular washbasin, can be installed on any type of base or be left in a suspended version giving your bathroom elegance and functionality.

Available in 16 different colors and in seven different sizes:
- L 70 x W 50 x H 12 cm (washbasin 37 cm);
- L 80 x W 50 x H 12 cm (washbasin 37 cm);
- L 90 x W 50 x H 12 cm (washbasin 37 cm);
- L 100 x W 50 x H 12 cm (Ø 37 cm basin);
- L 110 x W 50 x H 12 cm (washbasin 37 cm);
- L 120 x W 50 x H 12 cm (washbasin 37 cm);
- L 130 x W 50 x H 12 cm (washbasin 37 cm).

Note: The towel-holder slot and taps are not included in the price. If you wish to buy them, do not hesitate to contact us.
Ruffano is also easily customizable according to your needs and comfort; ask for a personalized quote.

Solid Surface-Luxolid® is a synthetic compound based on highly selected polyacrylic resins and loaded with minerals (aluminum trilhydrate), made in mold through a polymeric process.
The result is a material with a uniform structure, of a superior quality level compared to the products produced by the slab: from the surface inside it the Luxolid® does not show differences in color or compactness.
The products in Luxolid® are made in Italy: from the choice of the raw material, to the mixing according to exclusive formulas, from the study of the models to the realization in the mold to finally pass to the finish made largely by hand.
Products which suffered damage such as deep scratches or chipping can be repaired. For cleaning it is suggested to always dry the products to prevent the stagnant water from forming limestone rings (which however is not able to attack the product) . Daily cleaning can be done with normal detergents.
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