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Modern design table/stool Come Quando Fuori Piove, by Mabele

  • Made in Italy
  • Code: MBLCM
£ 438,10
Coffe table/stool ComeQuandoFuoriPiove by Mabele
Six metal colorful cards are arranged like the house of cards game, becoming a nice stool.
The seat ComeQuandoFuoriPiove takes its name from a pun, invented to remember all the symbols of the cards: C (hearts), Q (diamonds) F (clubs)  and P (spades).
Not only a stool, but also a magazine rack! At its base, between the sloping sides of the cards, you can store books, magazines and newspapers. Combining several modules, you get a library built as a  house of cards. A playful, fun and versatile solution, perfect for every corner of your house.
Designed by Roberto Guadrini, Massimo Guglielmotto and Paolo Mattiolo.

All Mabele works are designed and created in Turin, in the north of Italy. 
In Turin, the metal is considered not only tradition and experience, but also research and innovation: Mabele helped to pass on this important knowledge, by applying it to the design sector.
Care and attention to details are Mabele's guidelines; only by keeping an internal production, high quality standards can be ensured.
By designing and creating in the same place, Mabele is able to satisfy the clients' needs, guaranteeing a 100% Made in Italy production.  
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