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Design Countertop Washbasin in Transparent Resin and Copper - Salvatore

£ 265,22 £ 294,69 -10%
Measures 41.5 Ø xh 13cm
Delivery time 7/10 working days

Design countertop washbasin in resin.

Washbasin made of transparent resin and copper leaf.

Maintenance tips
Resin : clean with non-aggressive detergents, do not use bleach or powder products. do not use abrasive sponges and rinse carefully. The color variation that the resin undergoes over time is to be considered natural and inherent in the technical characteristics of the material. Exposing resin products to the outside is not recommended.

Resin sinks
Glossy, opaque, transparent, smooth, rough, very thin or solid, decorated or minimal, optical white or very colorful ... all possible solutions if it is a resin sink! A new way of seeing resin.
Sinks collection
Escape from ceramics to discover that composite resins, metals, wonderful stones and tropical woods can give life to a "wardrobe" of sinks with infinite combinations! New colors and essential shapes and infinite combinations for this collection of sinks.
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