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Dual motor recliner armchair Rosa, modern design made in Italy

  • Made in Italy
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£ 1198,13 £ 1497,66 -20%
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Measures L79 x D 98 x H 113 cm
Delivery time 15/30 working days

Rosa design relax armchair with 2 motors, made in Italy

The Rosa design armchair has a two-motor mechanism capable of generating the autonomous movement of the backrest with respect to the footrest. This mechanism, through an independent selection of the two movements, allows to obtain different combinations of relaxation. In addition to the functions of the relaxation mechanism, this mechanism includes a lifting device that allows people with mobility difficulties to easily assume an upright position. During the lifting phase, the chair lifts up to the ground by 10cm.
The back of the Rosa armchair is shaped to give support and comfort; In addition to numerous other comforts, there is the possibility of inserting the Roller System, which facilitates the movement of the armchair within the domestic space.

Total Relax Position (Bed) : allows total relaxation reaching the function of the bed with the complete opening of the backrest, seat and footrest
TV or Reading position : the backrest remains in a position to penetrate the seat and the footboard opens to ensure comfort for the legs.
Lift Position (Alzapersona) : it is essential for all quekke situations in which the person finds it difficult to get up from the sitting position

- Roller System: it
is a practical system for lifting the mechanics on four independent wheels, operated by means of a pedal lever placed in the rear part of the chair. A functional and practical system that allows you to transport the armchair from one room to another.

- Lumbar support BF15 **: it is an electromechanical device that can offer two enormous advantages for your relaxation. It allows to:
1. customize the depth of the backrest in the lumbar part, with an excursion of about 10cm, ensuring effective and restful support to the lower part of the spine.
2. obtain, through the BFM (Back Flex Movement) program, a relaxing massaging movement of the intervertebral discs thanks to a repeated and continuous push of the lumbar cushion of the backrest.

- Kit 5 Vibro Life **: through the action of a vibromassage plate, it exercises a massage on the whole body, stimulating the decongestion of the muscles and facilitating blood circulation.

- Seat / Backrest Parallel Thermo Kit **: offers the chair the possibility of having a thermal zone for a beneficial heating effect in the seat and in the lumbar area of the backrest.

** the combination between lumbar support BF15 and Kit Vibro and Kit Termo is not possible, only one option to be chosen.

- 60-cycle battery kit:
allows the armchair to be used in any corner of the house, even away from the power outlet. The battery allows 60 complete cycles of autonomy. Attention: the battery kit is not compatible with the options Lumbar support / Vibro Kit / Thermo Kit.

- Medical device ***: product classified as a Class 1 Medical Device , in compliance with the standards required by the European Directive (concerning medical devices) and registered in the list of the Ministry of Health. All medical device armchairs are coupled with a self- modeling seat which consists of a new product designed specifically for the healthcare sector. The upper flaps of the seat cushion of these armchairs are made with a 30mm layer of Gaia®, a product of the Waterly range among the most innovative on the market, created from basic material of vegetable origin and enriched with essences. This remedy allows to combine comfort and functionality of the armchairs with:
- seat that is self-modeling through the thermal action of the body;
- more breathability to remove the moisture produced by the body;
- increased comfort by minimizing pressure points.
The quality of Class 1 Medical Devices and their CE marking allows these models to benefit from the 19% tax deduction for healthcare expenses (Article 15, paragraph 1 letter C of the Tuir).

*** the medical device is not available with leather cover and with the 5 Vibro Kit.

The Rosa armchair is available in different types of upholstery, divided into different categories according to the price:
1) Category A :
- Savoy stain-resistant fabric ; Savoy is a modern design fabric, pleasant to the touch and very resistant to wear and abrasion. The main feature of this fabric is its total impermeability to water: it is in fact guaranteed as a "water repellent". 89% Polyester, 8% Polyamide, 2% Cotton, 1% Viscose.
- Ritz stain-resistant fabric ;    Ritz is a pleasant to the touch fabric, selected as a covering for these armchairs thanks to its characteristic resistance to wear. It is a stain-resistant fabric composed of 86% Polyester, 14% Polyamide. Weight / thickness 490 gr / mtl.
2) Category C: and copelle Minerva  
3) Leather category : fine genuine Bull leather, 100% leather.

HOW TO SELECT THE COVERING : select the category to which the desired covering belongs from the appropriate drop-down menu. Then, view the color chart relating to your selection and indicate the code of the desired color in the appropriate box next to the product photo.

- Structure:
wood covered with a layer of polyurethane and metal mechanics.
- Padding: ecological polyurethane foam with different densities covered with a layer of dacron.
- Upholstery: leather, eco-leather and stain-resistant fabric
- Feet: wood
- Maximum load : 100kg.

The easy chairs of this line will be complete with user manual, certification according to EU standards, product and warranty support for customers.

In addition to the options listed above, it is possible to have the covers of   protection , designed to guarantee protection from wear and dirt in the areas most subject to it. There is a cover for the backrest, one for the seat and one for the armrests that conform to the components making their presence imperceptible.
For more information and / or quotes, contact us at .

This article is made by an Italian company specialized in the production of easy chairs, massage chairs and armchairs alzapersona,   designed to ensure quality psycho-physical well-being with a perfect blend c ompetenze technology, craftsmanship and sense for design and modern forms. By choosing a product from this company, you are guaranteed not only to buy a 100% Italian and guaranteed product , but also a technical and functional system that integrates and expands thanks to a range of mechanical solutions, optional accessories, a wide choice of models and sizes with a wide range of fabrics and upholstery. In fact, different customizations are possible, to obtain real tailor-made armchairs designed and produced taking into account every need and requirement.
Expert technicians, who continually update and innovate their skills, and skilled craftsmen , profound connoisseurs of materials and processing techniques, ensure that the products are made with the utmost care and are technologically advanced.
Specialized personnel in the upholstered furniture sector, able to design and assemble armchairs, and by technicians who have specific skills in the design of sophisticated mechanisms that allow the production of relaxation armchairs, massage armchairs and lift-up armchairs. The long experience and attention to modern design guarantees the uniqueness and versatility of the seats that make them furnishing elements capable of integrating into different domestic environments.
The mechanisms developed offer multiple functions and the possibility of being positioned in specific seating areas and allow you to assemble relaxation armchairs, massage armchairs and lift armchairs that have options suitable to meet the needs of each client.
Mechanisms with one or two motors , alternately autonomous or independent foot and backrest movements, lift function , lifting device that allows you to easily assume the upright position, vibromassage for a pleasant effect distributed on the backrest, seat and footboard, automatic or motorized movement, are these are the possibilities and combinations developed: a harmonious set of solutions to satisfy every type of need.
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