Made in Italy

Office Items Coat Hanger, Desk Pad, Paper Bin, Holders - Andrea

  • Made in Italy
  • Code: ANDREA
£ 1330,23
Material regenerated leather
Delivery time 20 working days

Set of office items in colored regenerated leather handcrafted in Italy.

The Andrea composition is a set of functional but at the same time decorative office accessories .
All elements are made of regenerated leather in Italy. The production takes place by skilled artisans specialized in leather processing.

This set includes:
  • a letter opener;
  • a desk pad;
  • a pen holder;
  • an object holder;
  • a waste paper;
  • a hanger;
  • a storage box with lid.
A peculiar feature is the availability of different colors to choose from:
  • Brown;
  • White;
  • burgundy;
  • Brown;
  • anthracite.
Thanks to its elegant design it will embellish the environment in which you decide to place it, from the office, to the living room, to the study area .

Bonded leather is an artificial material made using scraps of leather fibers obtained by mechanical or chemical demolition of leather residues. The manufacturing process is very similar to that of paper: in fact the scars are mixed with various products in order to transform them into sheets. It is a perfect material to be used to replace or complement natural leathers.
It is an eco-friendly material, aimed at safeguarding the environment in which we live.
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