Create your Oasis of Relaxation in the Garden: Accessories for a Perfect Pool

Create your Oasis of Relaxation in the Garden: Accessories for a Perfect Pool

Imagine having a swimming pool in your garden : an oasis of relaxation where you can cool off during the hot summer days and have fun with friends and family. To make this space truly inviting and make the most of it, you can add a series of accessories of designs that can help improve the comfort and aesthetics of your corner of paradise.

Accessories to Make the Pool More Pleasant

A backyard pool isn't just about having water to dive into. To make the most of the experience, consider adding accessories that can improve relaxation and enjoyment , such as umbrellas to create a refreshing shaded area, some outdoor loungers perfect for relaxing by the pool and finally floating bars and outdoor showers to enjoy an aperitif at sunset.

Umbrellas: Shaded areas with Style

Umbrellas are essential for offering shelter from the scorching sun and creating comfortable shaded areas .
Available in different materials such as aluminum and wood , and in various shapes and sizes, the parasols not only protect from UV rays but also add a touch of elegance to your garden such as with our " Passmore " parasol. Discover our selection of umbrellas on our website, ideal for all your needs.

Outdoor Sunbeds: Comfort Guaranteed

Relaxing by the pool is even more pleasant with outdoor loungers . Available in materials such as rattan and teak for those who love a rustic and natural style , aluminum and fabrics resistant to atmospheric agents for those who love more modern designs , such as " Experia ".
These chaise longues are designed for comfort and durability.
Choose from our wide range of loungers to find the one that perfectly suits your style and needs.

Floating Bars: Fun in the Water

For those who love to socialize, floating bars are an unmissable accessory. Perfect for organizing aperitifs directly by the pool using for example " Trona Table 1 ", these bars offer a unique and fun experience. Explore our floating bars and make your pool parties unforgettable.

Garden Showers: Freshness and Cleanliness

Garden showers are ideal for quickly cooling off and cleaning off chlorine after a swim. Made of resistant materials such as stainless steel , our showers offer an elegant and functional design. Visit our website to discover the different options available and choose the perfect shower for your garden.

Enhancing the swimming pool with the right accessories means transforming a simple aquatic space into a true paradise of relaxation and fun .
From lighting that creates the perfect ambiance, to accessories for out-of-water comfort, the options for customizing your pool are endless.
Discover the entire collection on our website and get ready to experience an unforgettable summer , full of comfort and style.
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