How to Decorate Your Home to Remember Summer All Year Long

How to Decorate Your Home to Remember Summer All Year Long

Summer is synonymous with sun, sea, relaxation and life in the open air. If you also love this season and want to bring some of that summer vibe into your home, there are many ways to do so. Here are some tips for decorating your home and keeping the summer spirit alive all year round.

Sunny and bright colours

The first step to recreating summer is to choose a color palette that recalls the sun, the sea and nature. Opt for warm tones like yellow, orange and red to evoke the warmth of the sun. Add touches of blue and green to recall the sea and vegetation. To give a summer touch to the house while maintaining a minimal and elegant style, an excellent idea could be to use sand colour.
Viadurini recommends the “Amanechair with footrest, the “ Volanti2chair and the “Giocososofa on the site, discover the one best suited to your home and let yourself be inspired.
Whether painting a wall or choosing furnishing accessories, beachy shades pair well with many styles. This will allow you to experiment following your taste and creativity.

Natural Materials

Natural materials such as wood and rattan are perfect for a summer atmosphere. You can choose light wood furniture or rattan accessories to add a touch of freshness and naturalness to the rooms. You will be able to find many furnishing elements, such as our "Infinity 6" table and our "Algedi " chair, on our website.

Lightweight and fresh fabrics

To maintain a light and airy feel, use fabrics like linen and cotton. These materials are perfect for curtains, cushions and bedding, giving a sense of freshness and comfort. You can also find items in pure cotton and linen on our website, such as our "Amauris" linen sheets.

Marine decorations

Add sea-inspired decorations like shells, coral and fishing nets.
These elements can be used in various ways: from centerpieces to wall decorations. Even paintings and prints with marine subjects can help create the desired atmosphere.

Welcoming Outdoor Spaces

If you have a balcony, terrace or garden, furnish them with comfortable outdoor furniture such as "Charlie 6". A swing or gods comfortable sofas can transform your outdoor space into a corner of paradise where you can relax all year round.

Summer perfumes

Don't forget the importance of perfumes. Use scented candles or diffusers with summer fragrances such as sea water, lime and sea rose.
These scents can evoke memories of holidays and carefree days.

By following these tips, you can transform your home into a summer retreat that will always make you feel like you're on vacation.
Summer will be with you all year round, bringing light, color and serenity to your spaces.
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