From Design to Functionality: How to Choose the Perfect Dining Table for Every Space

From Design to Functionality: How to Choose the Perfect Table for Every Spaces


The Optimal Choice of a Dining Table

Selecting the ideal dining table involves determining the focus of the home environment. This piece of furniture is in fact a fundamental element that will not only accompany most meals, but which plays a crucial role in the aesthetics of the dining room. All this makes an accurate evaluation of various factors such as: material, style and size essential.
A dining table must integrate harmoniously with the context of the surrounding space. The appropriate choice should therefore balance functionality and personal preferences. The variety available on the market is vast, ranging from sophisticated models such as our Intreccio model to simpler options such as our Circe model.

Size and Spatial Configuration

For large kitchens, the size of the table is less of a problem, but for small spaces it is essential to opt for small dimensions. It is important that each guest has at least 60 cm of width for their space, with a further 80/90 cm for seating.
For a narrow and small kitchen, square or rectangular tables are preferable, as they can also be placed against the wall to optimize space. Always considering spaces with a medium/small size, an extendable table would represent the perfect solution to adapt to various occasions, combining elegance and functionality like our Meluso table.

Shapes and Materials

The most functional shapes for a dining table include rectangular, oval and circular configurations.
The choice of shape should be based on the number of people you are taking look forward to hosting regularly.
As for materials, wood remains a classic for its warmth and ease of maintenance like our Tirian, although it may require treatments to resist humidity.

Marble tables like Cesare offer solidity and a distinctive presence. For a touch of elegance, however, you can consider glass or crystal such as Alariko, although they require caution to avoid damage to the structure.

Transformable tables are extremely versatile pieces of furniture that adapt to multiple uses with a simple mechanism: perfect for those who need to optimize space, they transform from small coffee tables to spacious dining tables in just a few simple steps. Ideal for compact environments, these tables allow you to maximize functionality without sacrificing style such as with Giordano.

Extendable tables such as our Girasole table are ideal for those who have variable spaces or receive guests frequently. These tables are equipped with mechanisms, such as hidden inserts or removable panels, that allow them to be easily extended when more space is needed. They offer great versatility and are available in various styles and materials, allowing them to adapt to both modern and more traditional interiors.

Placement of the Dining Table

Once the shape, size and material have been defined, it is essential to strategically position the table. If space allows, a central position is ideal, ensuring at least 80cm of free space to move around comfortably. A table can also be placed near a wall or integrated into an island in the kitchen, functioning as a room divider in the context of an open space environment, the important thing is that the table is illuminated by natural light whenever possible.

This guide offers a complete framework for making an informed and satisfactory choice of dining table, combining aesthetics and functionality in the heart of the home. Discover the wide range of tables on our site and choose the one that's best for you.
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