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Myyour Lily outdoor / indoor sofa made in Italy, modern design

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L 179 x H max 91 cm
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Myyour Lily sofa for outdoor / indoor made in Italy, modern design
Designed for those who want to embellish the exterior of their home with an innovative touch of practicality and comfort, the Lily collection reinvents the values ​​of hospitality with its elegant chairs, large armchairs, three-seater sofas and a comfortable low table. Ideal for furnishing rest areas and relaxation, it also has comfortable cushions in soft rubber covered with outdoor fabrics and completely removable (sold separately if interested request a quote to
The Lily line, made of molded embossed Poleasy®, includes a light chair, armchair and sofa. To eliminate rainwater, the chairs have holes between the seat and the back, while the armchair and the sofa are equipped with side discharge systems.

The Lily sofa is available in different colors: display the color chart and indicate in the appropriate box the code of the desired color.

Finishing: POLEASY®
Not only design and technology make the difference in Myyour products: even as regards materials, the company from Padua is able to express its maximum thanks to a new special polyethylene called Poleasy®, developed through a job research carried out for years with the aim of eliminating the superficial microporosities responsible for the formation of unsightly patinas and, in time, also of possible cracks.
Poleasy®, an exclusive patent worldwide, definitely solves the problem, guaranteeing Myyour creations with more compact surfaces and truly unique perfoamance in terms of durability, washability and brightness of colors.
Poleasy® with excellent mechanical properties, UV stabilized for outdoor applications. 99% free of superficial porosity.

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