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Stackable Design Stool in Steel, Wood, Leather, Faux Leather or Leather, 2 Pieces

  • Made in Italy
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Stool with steel and wood structure covered in customizable leather or hide.

Taylor is a stool with structure in chromed steel rod and shock in multilayer wood, stackable. Covered in hide or leather.
Taylor can be customized by choosing matching or contrasting stitching.

Measures: L 37 x H 97 x P 45 x H SEAT 65 cm.

Available coatings:
  • regenerated,
  • regenerated printed,
  • leather,
  • full grain leather,
  • faux leather,
  • skin.
Leather : origin of bovine leather, from Italian tannery.

Tests and certificates: the samples examined pass the tests and meet the requirements for:
  • color fastness to dry and wet rub IUF / 450
  • color fastness to light IUF / 401
  • adhesion to the IUP / 470 finish
  • IUP / 20 declines
  • Taber abrasion
In the ignitability tests the material passes the test of the Technical Bulletin 117-00- section E - Part 1, and BS 5852/90 section 4 (CRIB 5) with no ignition on the test result
The samples examined pass the tests and meet the requirements of UNI 91/75 with the result of the test: CLASS 2 IM (DUE IM).

Regenerated Leather :
  • the composition is 98% made of natural products (no synthetics, cellulose or other fibers)
  • 65% natural leather fibers
  • 18% natural latex
  • 10% water
  • 5% fats and natural products for tanning the fibers
  • Only 2% of the product are emulsifiers and dyes.
Test and Certificates: SATRA quality assurance ltd:
  • CAL TB 117E, part 1
  • CIGARETTE TEST BS 5852: part I: 1979 - schedule 4 part l
  • MATCH TEST BS 5852: part l: 1979 -schedule 5 part l
  • IUC18 Determination of Chromium VI: the submitted material was found not to contain detectable quantities of Hexavalent Chromium
  • NFG 52-216 Determination of Extractable Chromium: the submitted material was found not to contain 0.007% soluble chromium on the weight of dry fat free leather CATAS
  • resistance of cleaning products PTP 53/59
  • resistance to light EN ISO 105-B02 / 01
  • resistance to scratching UNI 9428/89
Full-grain leather: vegetable-tanned full-grain leather is a naturally treated material. Each skin has its own characteristics, typical signs of aging such as veins and shading. The differences in grain, texture and color can be highlighted according to the type of leather. This material is sensitive to direct light, heat and humidity.

Natural full grain leather : natural full grain leather is a material devoid of any color. It highlights its naturalness through veins, signs and shading which in harmony with each other become qualities in the succession of time. Extremely photosensitive, it starts from a light pink color to arrive at an intense reddish like Cognac. Avoid direct light, do not fear humidity and liquids.
• excellent value for money
• modern design
• fine leathers
• 100% made in Italy
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