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Handmade knives in Italy, by Coltellerie Berti

The fine Berti knives originate from the workshop in the artisan David Berti in Florence in 1895, using the best materials present in Italy during that period.
The result was considered a work of art: the functionality and elegance of the hand made a unique value to each knife.
To date, Coltellerie Berti has maintained the same quality and uniqueness of its products!

As for the raw materials used, they are of excellent quality and in particular steel is chosen for the blades, and horn full of ox, horn of deer and buffalo or bone wood for the handles. As for the methods, however, the Berti Tradition provides that they are the same hands as those who start a knife to bring it to completion, ie that the work is entirely manual and that it is not divided among several people according to the processing stages. They produce just handmade knives.
The essence of the company is therefore not to industrialize production in order not to lose that value and the originality that has always characterized knives.
For this reason every product of Coltellerie Berti carries with it all the history and tradition of the company. The result can only be unique and unrepeatable!

From kitchen knives like knives for ham or cheese to precious set of knives for the table the difference between a handmade product is evident.
Give your kitchen and table a piece of the best Italian tradition.


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