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Designer lamps, the creativity of In-es artdesign

In-es artdesign born from the idea that lighting is an art! And it is for this reason that the aim of this company, founded in 2003 by the Italian artist and designer Oçilunam, is to unite design and art.

This company, which has obtained international recognition, creates its lamps using artisanal techniques that guarantee attention to detail and high quality control.
A mix of creativity and simple lines that create lamp collections where lights and shadows are perfectly in balance with pure colors and material contrasts.

His collections have in common the material used, the "nebulite" a Fiberglass that used alone or in combination with other materials creates wonderful light effects.
The three collections we offer are::
- "Moon" where the nebulite is the protagonist material thanks to its ability to reproduce the irregular surface of the celestial body;
- "Matt table" where Fiberglass is used in combination with a splecial resin that allows to interact with the lamp by writing on its surface as a school board!
- "Trame" where the wool thanks to its braids creates a relaxing and warm atmosphere in all environments.

Suspension lamps with different colors, individually or in combination with the most elements in line or cascade. Floor lamp with different shapes, small desk lamps and wall applique with a simple, modern and original design to give a creative touch to your home!


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